Simple SILO Structure of a Website

If you are aiming for high ranking in the search engines you need to have a good website structure and effective content. A website is not properly optimized if it is not well organized, the structure is not clearly defined, and the topic is not relevant to both the search engines and the visitors. This is why SEO needs more effort and not merely placing lots of keywords in the pages and posts. To clearly organize your website you need to incorporate a silo structure.

Silo in SEO refers to the grouping together of related content on your website in an organized manner. It’s about arranging content by theme or topic to let search engines clearly know the keywords or topics that you are targeting in every silo. A simple silo structure is like an inverted tree with the roots at the very top.

The Benefits of Silos

If you arranged your website content using silos you will gain massive benefits such as:

  1. You’ll be preferred by search engines over other similar websites if you have a silo structure in place. It is because they can clearly comprehend your content and the keywords you are focusing on. Browsing your website is faster and easier for the search engines which give you a better chance of ranking higher in the search engine result pages.
  2. Reduce your bounce rate because your visitors can see a clear path to where they can go next in your website. When these customers experience efficient navigation while exploring your website this leads to more revisits that increase your traffic and sales.
  3. Improved keyword relevancy for the keywords you are aiming for. Based on these silo structure information, you can easily ascertain that silos are very useful for the websites. It helps them achieve higher rankings in the search engines and makes them more user-friendly.

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